You want to feel the power of nature?

Visit Iceland!

So calm, so strong, so overwhelming.

Lost in Iceland (2008)

blue lagoon at the horizon
lost in Iceland
Moon? No, Iceland!
icy beach
ice diamands on black beach
Þingvellir - America & Europe drifting apart
icelandic moss beside the street
hear the earth seethe with your ear in the grass
icelandic moss on volcanic rocks as far as you can see
you don't want to smell this
sheep are not afraid of cars
but of humans
part of Gullfos
Strokkur collecting boiling water before eruption
this is hot & deep
oxidizing rocks
oxidizing hair?
harbour party Reykjavík
1.00 a.m. in august
boiling water with some kind of plants moving like hair
ice cold water with jellyfish
where do you think you're going? (listening to dire straits)